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Escapemaker Specs Sheet

Specs Sheet

Banners: Banners must be 620 x 75 pixels or 160 x 600 in order to fit above or to the side of our header. Because of their larger size and horizontal format, banners can feature more text than buttons. However, our design department still recommends brief, eye-catching text and clean, simple graphics and a strong call to action! Maximum file size is 500k.

Buttons: Buttons must be 125x125 or 120x240 pixels in order to fit in the advertising sections of our pages. Because the intent of the button is to be eye-catching and enticing enough for our users to click on it, our design department recommends minimal text and/or simple, clean graphics and a strong call to action! Maximum file size is 500k.

* Images may be animated gifs, but can not exceed required dimensions or maximum file size of 500k. Currently we do not support Flash or Java script but will in the future.

Our design department recommends a resolution of 300dpi or greater and in JPEG format (.jpg) for the best result!


Our design department recommends no more than 100-150 words of text. Please keep photos and logos to 300dpi and less than 500k. Please do not use acronyms or slang whenever possible.

Also, make sure the offer is specific and timely.
You may use the space as you wish and send us the creative (no wider than 620 pixels) or we can design in-house.

Click here
to see samples of past newsletters.
Click here to see sample of a dedicated eblast.

Because of browser capatability issues with the various platforms and ISPS we highly recommend using traditional HTML and cutting down on "styles" when at all possible.

Note: If you are providing your own HTML -

failed GMail
Gmail removes anything before the body tags
Gmail doesn't show any style tags
failed Hotmail
Hotmail doesn't show style tags before body tags

failed Outlook 2007
Outlook 2007 doesn't support background urls html elements
Outlook 2007 doesn't support title tags for any html elements
Outlook 2007 doesn't support alt tags for images

Please have creative to us at least 1 week prior and no later than 48 hours in advance of scheduled launch date so we can submit a proof to you for approval, otherwise you will forfeit placement. In order to reschedule you must give us 14 days notice.