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Green Travel? Need a car-free getaway by train or a green escape by car within a day's drive of the city? Maybe you'd just like to be kinder to the planet and travel responsibly? We need to conserve! If the term "eco" or "green-travel" just conjures up images of saving the rain forest or whale watching excursions - think again!

recycle, green getawaysGreen Getaways A-Z!  - In 2010, we launched green packages with our flagship green destination - Saratoga Springs, NY and Amtrak! We add more GREEN escapes and destinations every month, so keep checking back!

featured destination

Saratoga Springs

Forget reading, writing and 'rithmetic: Saratoga Springs, NY will convert you to the three H's. They'll have you know their city is about Health, History and Horses (with an emphasis on the latter). It's these basic qualities that form the foundation of...

Profiled Destinations:

City of Hudson & Columbia County - Bring your bike, your binoculars, and your best friend!
Genesee County - The "birthplace of Western New York" and JELL-O!
Rhinebeck - Historic, romantic, outdoor retreat.
Saratoga County - Historic battlefields and healing waters.
Saratoga Springs - Health, history and horses!
Wilmington - World-class gardens, majestic mansions and colonial history around every corner.

Featured Business

Governor's House in Hyde Park

Centerpiece of the quiet village of Hyde Park, Vermont, just nine miles from the world-class resort of Stowe, the fully-restored historic mansion has been restored and decorated to preserve the gracious elegance of an earlier time and offers the...

Featured Package

Vermont Shopping Spree

Why just go to the mall when you can go to Vermont for one-of-a-kind shopping bargains? Stay two nights with us Sunday - Thursday and get a gift certificate of your choice worth $20 - $50 each from one of a dozen specialty shops. Stay three nights and...

TRAVELING GREEN, RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL, GREEN HOTELS, GREEN ACCOMMODATIONS, GREEN CERTIFICATIONS - these are the catch phrases you'll want to be aware of when looking for green getaways.

Green Getaway Rating:

  Be sure to patronize lodgings that have conducted a self-audit and have rates themselves as a "Green Getaway" with 0 - 3 Butterflies in 9 areas of Energy, Water, Air and Sustainability. See our green travel guidelines.

Does your innkeeper recycle, compost or use solar energy? Do they loan bikes out? Maybe your hotel will pick you up at the train or bus depot or provide a free shuttle to attractions? Call around and find out - remember, they want your business! If you plan on travelling locally this summer, you can still be good to the Earth while enjoying your trip. With a little planning and a dash of forethought, you'll save water, energy and best of all, the planet!

Green Travel Tips:

Practice a few of the tips below on your next green getaway and you'll be surprised at how easy and effortless it is to be "green." Your small efforts will contribute to the larger good and perhaps educate others along the way.

1. The best green travel in the off-season or mid-week. The seasonal peaks of travelers contribute to over-development and over-crowding. Avoid crowds and contribute to the local economy when it needs it the most.

2. Use the public transportation system or bring your bike to get around. always gives you transporation alternatives for every destination we review. Ask your innkeepers about renting or borrowing bikes on site.

3. Conserve water! Tell the cleaning staff you'd like to reuse your towels and linens instead of having them changed daily.

4. Patronize carry in/out parks that encourage protecting the environment. Consider picking up 1 piece of discarded trash a day. If everyone did this we'd have much cleaner beaches and parks.

5. Try your luck at camping! There's no better way to get back to nature but make sure you leave your campsite just the way you found it.

6. Do not remove any wildlife, marine life or indigenous plants from their environment. Remember only YOU decided to leave home, not them!

7. Seek out local souvenirs to support the local economy.

8. If you must have wheels, consider renting an RV or a travel trailer. At least you'll save costs on lodging and meals, plus you'll use less water and consume less packaging by cooking for yourself. Some newer models even offer compost bins!

9. When eating out, try the local dishes. By doing this, you support local business and you will not be contributing to the fuel waste of importing food from far away.

10. Only purchase snacks and beverages in recyclable containers -- and then recycle them!


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