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One of the advantages to living in the northeast is the endless combination of scenic roads and country byways that encourage visitors to explore every corner of this region. Traveling through the metropolitan areas and rural hamlets, the landscape knows no boundaries as picturesque communities seem to flow seamlessly into one another. Indeed, it’s often easy for afternoon roadtrip to become a weekend getaway at a bed-and-breakfast.

When a couple decides that wedding bells are in their future, they begin to plan their wedding just as they would approach the open road with its endless possibilities. For many couples, there is no limit to their options in selecting a spectacular venue for the ceremony, picking out the perfect reception location, and coming up with the ideal honeymoon destination. For others, a few miles between two neighboring destinations can be the difference between “I do” and “oh no you don’t.”

Throughout our courtship, my partner and I have taken more than our share of road trips and vacations. To date, we’ve never seen a welcome sign that defines marriage alongside its state seal and population although we have a pretty good idea of which states support marriage equality and which states do not (yet). While we continue to travel to destinations that we cannot add to our list of potential wedding venues, it’s hard not to feel like asking for “two forks with dessert” is creating an unintended political statement that will end up becoming the talk of the town.

Over the past decade, marriage equality in the northeast has changed from a patchwork of a few states into an identifiable region of neighboring destinations. This critical mass has encouraged nearby states along the mid-Atlantic region to follow suit and begin their own discussions in support of marriage equality. With the recent support of marriage equality in the Empire State, the momentum is stronger than ever. This momentum means that an ever-increasing number of venues are opening their doors to same-sex couples for both weddings and honeymoons in
New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Meanwhile, other destinations in New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, Maine, Rhode Island , Maryland and Pennsylvania are beginning to welcome same-sex couples with terrific honeymoon packages.

Although marriage equality has not yet been decided on the national level, the growing number of options helps to create a landscape without boundaries. Within this landscape, many of us now have the chance to create the perfect wedding, honeymoon or getaway that we’ve always imagined.

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