This is Traci’s third installment of “Escape at Will” Trip Tips Sorry Kermit, but we think it’s easy being green. Even when traveling. Practice a few of the tips below on your next getaway, and you’ll be surprised at how effortless it can be to travel in an earth-friendly way. Your small efforts will contribute to the larger good, and perhaps educate others along the way. Travel in the off-season or mid-week. The seasonal peaks of travelers contribute to over-development and over-crowding. Avoid crowds and contribute to the local economy when it needs it the most. Use the public transportation system or bring your bike to get around. always gives you transportation alternatives for every destination we review. Ask your innkeepers about renting or borrowing bikes on site. Conserve water! Tell the cleaning staff you’d like to reuse your towels and linens instead of having them changed daily. Patronize carry in/out parks that encourage protecting the environment. Consider picking up one piece of discarded trash a day. If everyone did this we’d have much cleaner beaches and parks. Try your luck at camping! There’s no better way to get back to nature. Just make sure to leave your campsite just the way you found it. Do not remove any wildlife, marine life or indigenous plants from their environment. Remember; you decided to leave home, not them! Seek out locally-produced souvenirs to support the local economy. If you must have wheels, consider renting an RV or a travel trailer. At least you’ll save costs on lodging and meals, plus you’ll use less water and consume less packaging by cooking for yourself. Some newer models even offer compost bins! When eating out, try the local dishes. By doing this, you support local business and you will not be contributing to the fuel waste of importing food from far away. Only purchase snacks and beverages in recyclable containers — and then recycle them! And don’t forget to checkout our “Green Getaways A-Z” and enter to win a 2-night Green Getaway! HERE