This is Traci’s second installment of a new series, Escape at Will Trip Tips. Your chakras are out of alignment…again. That’s the third time this week! You need the kind of “TLC” that can only be found at a spa. Grab your significant other, your best friends, or no one at all, and get thee to a place of rest and relaxation. You’re stressed out enough; you shouldn’t have to fret over the price of treatments. Here are some ways to cut the price of pampering: Timing is everything. Travel off-season, and mid-week, for the best rates. Sometimes, early morning treatments are discounted, too. Take advantage of treatment packages for the best value, versus choosing à la carte options. Ask the spa if any specials are being offered during the time of your stay. Conversely, beware of bridal packages, which can be an expensive mix of services aimed at attracting vulnerable “price is no object” brides-to-be. Add up the cost of each included service and compare to the package price to see if you’re getting a bargain. If the spa boasts a resident “expert,” their services will likely cost more. Ask to receive treatments from their associates or apprentices. Consider enjoying a pricey spa resort’s treatments as a day guest, while lodging elsewhere. Many hotels and inns without on-site spas will offer packages including accommodations and treatments at nearby facilities. Consider these. Check for “Getaway Spa Deals.” Sign up far in advance on the spa’s website to receive e-mail newsletters and special offers. Ask for a gift certificate for your next birthday or holiday. Most spas offer them, and they can be purchased for you by anyone, anywhere. Need some more ideas on where to go? We’ve found some spectacular spa getaways.