Dear Son / Daughter / Husband in Charge of Gift Purchases; As you (hopefully) are aware, Mother’s Day will be here in two weeks. Certainly, this sacred event is seared into your consciousness; I know I’m looking forward to the one day of the year which focuses on me…for a change. I’m confident that you are diligently considering a special gift commensurate with the value of my role in your life. Not to mention the nine months of gestation, 13 hours of labor, and 2,437 dirty diapers I changed. Should you need some gentle guidance as you mull over the gift options, let me offer some thoughtful feedback. NO slippers, pajamas, or photo frames made from macaroni! Mommy needs some peace and tranquility, and I’m not talking about a 20-minute bubble bath surrounded by Dora the Explorer tub toys. I want a SPA GETAWAY!! You heard me. As in, a “good-bye till Sunday, here’s the pizza delivery number, do not call me unless someone is bleeding” getaway. These are packages offered the weekend of May 7-9 at regional hotels, inns, and B&B’s which combine great accommodations with a number of extra special amenities (because don’t I deserve “extra special?”) But, you may want to narrow it down and look at these “spa” packages first. My chakras are out of alignment, again. Must be all that driving I do in the minivan, taxiing you to all your activities… Sugar body scrubs? Yep. Herbal wraps? Okey-dokey. Botanical facials? Bring it. If I can spend an entire weekend being massaged, scrubbed, peeled, and steamed, I promise to come home a happier mom. Because we all know, if Mom ain’t happy, nobody’s happy. Love, Mom xoxoxo