In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” Or so said Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Personally, my thoughts are on shopping for a summer wardrobe, but that’s just me. But spring officially begins tomorrow, and after the winter we have endured, it’s certainly a welcome sight! Why not celebrate with a weekend getaway with someone you love? It doesn’t take much time, or money, for that matter, to plan a special trip. First, cut out the cost of airfare and leave yourself more “moola” for upgraded room amenities, fine dining, and souvenirs! Stay within the northeast, and you’ll reach the front lines of relaxation within a few short hours. Snuggling on a train watching the scenery roll by is a lot more romantic than a TSA pat down and a stale bag of pretzels. Second, look for a hotel, inn or B&B package, which includes extras that add value to your stay. These days especially, the lodging industry wants your business, which means you benefit from a lot of incentives. Look for places which deliver breakfast to your room, arrange his-and-her massages, or leave you a chilled bottle of champagne. Here, we’ve done the planning part for you…these are great “romance” packages. Also, take a little time beforehand to plan some daytime activities, you know, outside of your room! A good source of info is the tourism office or visitors’ bureau which represents your destination. Check their website for a list of local attractions, like museums, but take into consideration that some may only be open in the summer season. Think about activities you both enjoy, like music, and check the calendar of events for performances at local concert halls or nightclubs. Of course, there’s no better time to try something entirely new, by experiencing it together. If you’re a cycling enthusiast, head to Block Island, RI, where bikes outnumber all other vehicles. In most states you can find a hot air balloon operator and take to the skies. Companies like American Balloon in Clinton, NJ, offer romantic “champagne flights.” Head up to the Central Leatherstocking region of NY to explore the underground Howe Caverns by candlelight on their Lantern Tour. The possibilities are endless. As endless as your love. Or so say Lionel Richie and Diana Ross. Hey, there’s a time for 19th century poetry, and there’s a time for 1980’s pop.