Quick Local Getaways within 500 miles!

Weekend getaways that will have you decompressed in no time – complete with money saving discounts for all.

Relax. Get away from what’s stressing you out. The western Catskills are so peaceful and down to earth you won’t be able to resist chilling out. Our lodging hosts are ready to hook you up with lots of great things to do with discounts built in! It’s a recession busting answer for folks looking for a new favorite getaway.

After you’ve chosen your lodging, you’ll be treated to lots more dining, culture and shopping throughout June and July! Try on 10-20% shopping discounts on art, furniture, handcrafts, local food products, and free entry to the local historic Hanford Mills for 4. Treat yourself to 20% discounts on a 100 mile meal (dinner or brunch) on an organic farm or a cool, eclectic musical performance (think Leon Redbone or Pimps of Joytime) in a picturesque farm valley.

Amid all these great incentives, add on biking or hiking on our 19 mile rail trail, shopping in a village filled with bookstores, driving our art gallery and antique trail, picking up local maple syrup made this year, even trying your hand at fishing or kayaking in our rivers. Your lodging hosts will be happy to help set up your itinerary for your stay.

To get more details and see great photos that will inspire your trip planning for your very own completely calm and fulfilling getaway Click Here. Discover even more of the magic of the Catskill Mountains by visiting For a free travel guide call 866-775-4425. 172 5th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217
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