Fine Living logo Episode FLBTB-209 Backyard Getaways, Community Bands, Organic Living (209) Your next great escape could be right around the corner. Nearby museums, fall foliage, cycling and hiking all make for dynamic backyard getaways. Get Back to Basics with members of a community band, where age and skill levels vary but celebrating the joy of music never does. Finally, learn all about the environmental and personal pitfalls of traditional household cleansers while discovering safe, natural and easy alternatives. Backyard Getaway Facts: * You don’t need a car to take a backyard getaway, you can hop on a bus or train and let them do the driving for you. * To find a great deal, flip the seasons. In the winter visit a beach resort and in the summer go to the mountains. * For couples, turn a backyard getaway into a romantic getaway. Take a boat ride or stay in a bed and breakfast. Getting Started: Backyard Getaway 1. Research trips within a 50 to 100 mile radius of your home. 2. Look for a location that has something for everyone in the family. Resources: American Automobile Association EscapeMaker Community Bands Facts: * Community bands have existed in the United States since the Civil War. * Musicians commit to about 10 hours a week of practicing and performing. * There are over 1,000 community bands in the United States. Getting Started: Community Bands 1. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce for community bands near you. 2. Community bands help you improve your musical skills. 3. Second-hand musical instruments usually are cheaper than new ones. Resources: Community Bands and Orchestra home pages Organic Living Facts: * Pound for pound, children drink, eat and breathe more than adults, so they are more vulnerable to toxins. * A recent study by the Pesticide Action Network showed that strawberries are the most pesticide-ridden fruit. * Look for the “Energy Star” rating system when you shop for appliances. Getting Started: Organic Living 1. Replace chlorine bleach products with non-chlorine bleach products. 2. Use recyclable non-chlorine bleached paper products. 3. Avoid pressure treated timber. It can leak arsenic. Resources: Organic Consumers Association Pesticide Action Network Organic Style