ESCAPEMAKER.COM THE LEADING ONLINE TRAVEL GETAWAY GUIDE FOR NEW YORK CITY ANNOUNCES ITS TOP 10 “SECRET SUMMER VACATION GETAWAYS” These great destinations are within 500 miles of New York City and offer an alternative to expensive and faraway locations. They are reachable WITH or WITHOUT A CAR! 1. Lewes, DE – Kayak with dolphins 2. Phoenicia, NY – The inner tubing capital 3. Jim Thorpe, PA – America’s Little Switzerland 4. Norwalk, CT – Cruise to a deserted island 5. Red Bank, NJ – New Jersey’s Nashville 6. Spring Lake, NJ – Seaside romance 7. New Paltz, NY – Hippies meet the Huguenots 8. Old Saybrook, CT – Maritime charm 9. Mohegan Sun Casino, CT – ­ Las Vegas style gamblin g 10. Stockbridge, MA – Norman Rockwell’s inspiration WHAT: has compiled a Top 10 list of local summer getaways that are within 500 miles of New York City. These hidden gems offer adventure, fun and relaxation while providing an alternative to well-known vacation spots. WHO: is the leading online travel getaway guide for the New York City metro area, Escapemaker handles all of the “dirty work,” sending a seasoned travel staff to personally review each destination and map out activities, points of interests and costs. With just a few clicks of a mouse, a traveler can create a printable personal itinerary with prices, directions, travel tips, transportation schedules, phone numbers and Web site addresses. WHERE: At the Escapemaker Web site,, a user can immediately find a perfect getaway, concert, festival or special event within 500 miles of New York City that is accessible by car or by public transportation. WHEN: Escapemaker is available 24 hours a day and regularly updates its Web site with new destinations. Users can also sign up for a weekly travel bulletin, a monthly free weekend contest and other giveaways. For more information contact: 718-398-5766