by Brian Jacob It’s been almost two months since I was laid off from my comfy job in the world of e-commerce consulting. Needless to say, finding new work in the tech industry has been anything but easy. So you can imagine how excited I was when my friend Charlie e-mailed me with an opportunity for some “freelance” work. “Hey Bri, My friend has some work she needs done for her website. It doesn’t pay a lot but if you’re interested let me know.” Great, I think. Money’s money, and I certainly have the time in my schedule. “Sure, C. Hit me with the info.” “Well, it’s only going to take between 4 and 6 days. Maybe two hours worth of work per day, $40 each day. Plus, we’ll get to work together. It’lll be like hanging out, only we’re getting paid.” Not bad. I ask him to give me a call to go over the details. I pull up a copy of my resume, just in case. Wonder what it is? HTML coding? QA/Usability testing? Graphic work? Document design? Information Architecture? *Phone Rings* Let’s pause to go over this again: My friend has some work she needs done for her website. “Thanks for helping out, dude. Here’s what needs to happen: we’re going to wear some crazy t-shirts and stand in the park handing out magnets PROMOTING her website. It’ll be FUN!” Good grief. I set the phone down, but could still hear him babbling away: “…and if you wear the butterfly wings, you’ll get FIFTY-FIVE dollars a day! How’s that sound? Bri? Bri, you there?” As I found out, people love free stuff. It didn’t take that long to give everything away and we actually did have fun. My biggest fear centered on having to do it at Bryant Park (right by the offices of the consulting firm I used to work for). I could just picture it: “Well well well, looky what we got HERE. I seem to remember you giving us the finger and storming off a year ago. You said something about joining the revolution and forging the new digital economy. How goes the battle?” Thankfully, that scenario was avoided. And no, I didn’t wear the butterfly wings. I didn’t want to look STUPID. I just wore the pith helmet and banana yellow t-shirt while waving a giant butterfly net filled with promotional magnets. Oh well, the adventure continues. Maybe I need a vacation. I’ve heard about this great new travel site called: Check it out if you can. Look for the butterfly logo. THE END